Condemned to fifteen years of penal colony


We have just learnt that, in his absence, Yoann has been condemned to fifteen years of penal colony.

This iniquitous judgment does not surprise us.

The debates had ruined the prosecution’s arguments. They had, in particular, demonstrated that someone had introduced themselves in Yoann Barbereau’s computer in order to attempt to produce some evidence. they had also shown that the police authorities were at least complicit, if not guilty of manipulations. However, according to the well-oiled script of an entirely made-up story, with added violence and pressures, lead against all legal rights, this so called justice ended up pronouncing a very heady condemnation.

This confirms that Yoann Barbereau was right to escape these police and legal authorities, which were and continue to take part in what is but a criminal business.

Legally, Yoann Barbereau’s lawyers are aiming to appeal, so as to take this affair in front of the European court of human rights with the aim to condemn Russia.

We are pursuing our effort so that Yoann Barbereau completely recovers his freedom and so that he can, as soon as possible, go back to the country where his family lives.

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