The paths of freedom


Yoann has chosen to follow The Paths Of Freedom.

He knew he could not escape a heavy and wrongful conviction therefore Yoann fled Irkoutsk on the 11th September.
He remained silent during 10 days and we were very worried about what might have happened to him.
In the evening of September 21st, he sent two reassuring messages via Facebook : so he was alive and safe enough to manifest himself publicly.
He did it with panache, while quoting this Cardinal of Retz ‘s sentence : “There is nothing in the world which has not its defining moment, and a proper conduct’s masterpiece is to know and catch this moment.” Lets remember that the Cardinal himself escaped Nantes’s castle in 1654, where he had been placed under house arrest.
So Yoann is safe and sound and out of danger. We pay tribute to his courage and determination. But we cannot say anything more about where he is and how he regained Freedom.

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