Inquiry committee officers are only given a reprimand after torturing people from Irkoutsk


“Inquiry committee officers are only given a reprimand after torturing people from Irkoutsk”

The title of this article, published on an independent website in the Irkoutsk region (see the link below) speaks for itself. It explains how policemen in Irkoutsk “avenge themselves” from those hindering them or denouncing their actions.

One of the investigators found guilty is Alexei Ius. Doesn’t this name ring a bell ? He is the man who, with the help of his colleagues, interrogated on 11th and 12th February 2015 Daria Barbereau and the couple’s five year old child, threatening them and blackmailing them in the most odious way. This has been reported by Daria.

We also suspect that this policeman was part of the commando who brutally arrested Yoann Barbereau on the 11th February 2015.

One of the man who had filed a complaint for torture described his arrestation as followed: men suddenly burst into his house, put him in handcuffs and covered his face before taking him to a secret location where he was hit and threatened during several hours. This testimony is very interesting to us since Yoann’s arrest on 11th february 2015 followed the same operational mode.

The criminals of the inquiry committee carry on their dirty work in the full light of day. It is impossible to deny it.

Does the french government realise the magnitude of this behavior and will it finally take adequate action that would favor the liberation of Yoann? For the past 18 months, an agent of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (as well as his wife and child) has been assaulted and mistreated before our very eyes. Today, he risks 20 years of imprisonment …

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