July 14, 2016 : Ten Members of Parliament call for Yoann Barbereau’s Liberation

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“Yoann Barbereau, director of Irkoutsk’s French Alliance, is currently undergoing an ignominious trial in Russia, trial based on false accusation and fabricated charges. The several interventions carried out by the French authorities for a year and a half now, have not yet lead us to hope for a positive response from Russian authorities. As Members of Parliament in Loire-Atlantique, we have joined Yoann Barbereau’s supporting commitee. Today, on the eve of the 14th July, we wish altogether to address both the President and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, in order to ask them to do everything possible to rescue as fast as they can our fellow compatriot who has been caught in the nets of an appalling machination. We mobilize to save him as fast as possible because this situation has been persisting for far too long and it is involving a whole family; we ought to do everything possible and we must give voice, give voice to the flouted France of this tragic affair.

We want to believe in a positive and rapid outcome. M. Yoann Barbereau must regain both his freedom and his honour, he must be reunited with his own; his wife and his little girl, his parents and his friends who are fighting for him. He has to know we will never abandon him.”
Members of Parliament active in the supporting commitee, signatories :
Mrs Marie-Odile Bouillé, MP
Mrs Marie-Françoise Clergeau, MP
Mr Yves Daniel, MP
Mr Michel Ménard, MP
Mrs Michelle Meunier, Senator
Mrs Monique Rabin, MP
Mr Dominique Raimbourg, MP
Mr François de Rugy, MP
Mr André Trillard, Senator
Mr Yannick Vaugrenard, Senator

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