Yoann’s Declaration before the court on June 22nd


Judge: Do you plead guilty or not guilty?


I plead as a victim.

I am the victim of a plot, and you know it. The affair that led to this trial was entirely fabricated with the active participation of the police authorities and those of the city of Irkutsk. This is the problem and the scandal that you cannot disregard.

In a country where justice is not an empty word, I could have begun a civil suit, and the police officials who have fabricated false evidence, instrumentalized a five-year-old child, beaten and threatened a man, intimidated his wife, — these men would be seated on the defendants’ bench today. In a country where justice was not a cruel farce, my daughter, now six years old, would not be represented by an official who has never met her.

See nothing personal in this, Your Honors. You belong to a destestable system made to crush men, women and children, a system in the service of the powerful and of mob interests, a system that gnaws at Russia from the inside.

Forgive me, I will not play according to the rules of the role assigned to me. I am here to accuse, not to defend myself.

My daughter Héloïse, six years old, recently told her mother that she wanted to become a judge. « When I am judge, I’ll be the one deciding ; I’ll put the bad policemen in prison and they’ll listen to me », she declared.

I will honor her young vocation.

I am here to accuse, not to defend myself.

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