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  • July 14, 2016 : Ten Members of Parliament call for Yoann Barbereau’s Liberation

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    “Yoann Barbereau, director of Irkoutsk’s French Alliance, is currently undergoing an ignominious trial in Russia, trial based on false accusation and fabricated charges. The several interventions carried out by the French authorities for a year and a half now, have not yet lead us to hope for a positive response from Russian authorities. As Members […]

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  • Philippe Forest


    FOR YOANN BARBEREAU 1. Somewhere, someone has suddenly been the victim of something he’s been left to the mercy of for months now. Something at the same time so insane-senseless and incongruous that we cannot understand nor imagine what exactly this is about or what is going on. Something we cannot stare away from without […]

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  • Olivier Rolin

    I do have to say that I don’t know Yoann Barbereau. However, I know some of the people who are here tonight defending him and I am joining them because I strongly believe they would never conceal despictable activities. My word has this fragility, and this assurance. It is also because I have travelled and […]