The support committee


The support committee has been the platform for the fight for justice and freedom for Yoann Barbereau.

Each member regularly receives information and can also suggest some ideas in order to start actively moving things forward. Each word, each individual support, each idea is important. United we stand!

Please join us by completing the register form, we need you!

President of the support committee: Thierry Guidet, journalist, founder of the literary magazine ‘Place publique’.

Vice-president: JulienCourquin, artistic director of the agency ‘Murailles Music’.

The support committee is franco-russian, at the image of Yoann’s own family, his wife and daughter.

Amongst its members are:

  • numerous people who have got involved for our cause : French citizens, Russian citizens, as well as people from other countries
  • writers such as Pierre Michon, Philippe Forest, Jean Rolin, Olivier Rolin, Jean-Claude Pinson, Bernard Friot, Noëlle Renaude, Yoann Chivard…
  • artists such as Marie Drouet and Elsa Tomkowiak
  • publishers such as Cécile Defaut and Bernard Martin
  • university lecturers and teachers such as Guillaume Durand, Franck Liaigre, Sylvie Koneski, Declan Mc Cavana (Great-Britain), Alexandre Dickow (United States), Galina Sleptchenko (Russia)…
  • eleven Members of Parliament in 2016 (Mrs Marie-Odile Bouillé, MP, Mrs Marie-Françoise Clergeau, MP, Mr Yves Daniel, MP, Mr Michel Ménard, MP, Mr Joël Guerriau, Senator, Mrs Michelle Meunier, Senator, Mrs Monique Rabin, MP, Mr Dominique Raimbourg, MP, Mr François de Rugy, MP, Mr André Trillard, Senator, Mr Yannick Vaugrenard, Senator)

Please find the register form below if you wish to join the support committee:

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