The support committee decided to break the silence

He has been beaten, imprisoned for 71 days, placed under observation in a psychiatric hospital, assigned to residence under electronic surveillance, his wife has had to leave the country, their daughter has been outrageously manipulated… Since the 11th of February 2015, Yoann Barbereau has been living a terrible ordeal.
Director of the French Alliance of Irkutsk (Siberia), employed by the French Foreign Affairs Ministry,
Yoann Barbereau has been the object of scandalous and unjust accusations by the Russian justice system. Their investigation is based upon fabricated evidence and falsified documents, ignoring the most basic principles of law.

His family and the support committee created in the autumn of 2015 thought for a long time that a
diplomatic solution would be reached. Everything encouraged them to think so: the continual
support of Jean-Maurice Ripert, the French ambassador based in Moscow; Jean-Marc Ayrault’s personal involvement: the Foreign Affairs Minister recently discussed the issue with his Russian
counterpart, Sergueï Lavrov ; contact with the French president, François Hollande…

We cannot carry on hoping any longer. Yoann Barbereau’s trial started on the 10th of May in Irkutsk, without any indication as to its duration. Everything seems to show that his trial will not be led in a just fashion. He risks incurring charges as heavy as they are unjust.

This is why his family and the support committee have decided to break the silence they had
imposed upon themselves. They have decided to alert the media.
Yoann Barbereau’s destiny depends, from now on, on the mobilization of international opinion.

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